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Monday, December 12, 2011

Frank about... tonight's "Next Iron Chef"

I normally don't watch my Food Network, anymore. Personally, most of the programming is either just ridiculous (for example, on the Cooking Channel, Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen) or the overplayed cooking competitions (Cupcake Wars or Chopped or "you name it" ). One of my favorite shows was Iron Chef: America; but as of late, it's even a bit of a non player for me. However, I have to admit I was reeled in with the idea of the "Superchefs" on the newest Next Iron Chef offering. (And for the record, I am even keeping up on this season of Top Chef!)

Throughout this season, I had many favorite chefs competing; namely, Michael Chiarello, Robert Irvine, Anne Burrell, and Alex Guarnaschelli. I had actually thought that Chef Irvine would be able to do well, due to his experience with Dinner: Impossible. I've been disappointed to see some of my favorites go home. This leads me up to tonight's episode.

The first part of the show wasn't too bad. I'm not a professional chef, but I didn't think smoking was a wise preparation for a scallop, as Chef Faulkner did. But, what do I know? I was devastated that Chef Guarnaschelli was eliminated. I think she has the talent and skill to make an "Iron Chef", whatever that actually encompasses. She was a little too on edge, and overly worried, the entire time she was on the show. She never really had the confidence in herself, or what she created. I was sad to see her go. This however, set up what should have been a major battle between Chiarello and Faulkner.

I say, "should have". What made that change in my mind? Uhm... the commercial that followed... basically a big promo for crackers and wine. Sorry, but I thought was ridiculous for the penultimate episode, and a hell of a battle between those two chefs, to have such a blatant promotion. I wasn't impressed with either of the chefs' offerings. But, what do you expect? Friggin' crackers?? Overly buttery crackers could easily kill any delicate flavors you try to balance on them. I really disliked that they ruined such a potentially fantastic battle with this crap.

I honestly feel that Faulkner deserved a spot in the finale. I will now also interject my dislike for Chef Zakarian. I have no doubt that he's a good chef. Do I have to like him because of that? Hell no. So, I won't.

How I felt when I found out Zakarian was
going to the finale, and Alex was going home!

My thoughts on the next Iron Chef... I don't know if she can pull it off, but I think Elizabeth Faulkner can be the Next Iron Chef. I am also excited about (and my wife predicted this before the judgement came down to who was facing Zakarian) that they are letting them pick a sous chef from the other contestants. I would have love to see Alex vs. Faulkner for the win. I think in the finale, some of the "cutesy" crap that Zakarian often pulls, may bite him in the ass, finally. So, there's my prediction... Iron Chef Faulkner!

I am toying with idea of doing a "Food on TV" post on a weekly basis covering some of the shows I keep up with: Next Iron Chef (well, the last one, at least), Top Chef: Texas, and The Layover. So, keep checking back!

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