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Monday, October 29, 2012

Cottage Small Coffee Roasters... Local and Fresh!

About four years ago, Josh and Genevieve Moore decided to start roasting small batches of coffee for their own consumption. Drinking coffee all the time, and wanting to learn more about coffee, Josh had been reading and studying about different home roasting techniques. The couple had even been part owners and operators of a coffeehouse, which they frequented as customers. So, it only made sense to make the next step to try some home roasting.

At first, the batches were small, and just for Josh and Genevieve to enjoy, themselves. Josh began to increase the batch sizes enough for close friends and family. Next, the batches grew even more for gift-giving. Everyone who was lucky enough to get gifts from Josh and Genevieve really loved the quality and freshness of the coffee. It went over so well, in fact, that the Moores decided to try to sell their coffees. Already being regular customers of the Webb City Farmers Market, where fresh and local are key, it was the ideal venue for the newly formed Cottage Small Coffee Roasters.

Josh Moore of Cottage Small Coffee Roasters selling some of their
locally & freshly roasted coffees, at the Webb City Farmers Market
The couple makes a great team at Cottage Small Coffee Roasters! Josh roasts, packages, and sells the coffee, while Genevieve is the mastermind behind all the computer work, for the company. And when the weather is nice, you will get to meet Genevieve, as she helps Josh sell at the Market.

Genevieve says that roasting coffee can done in a number of ways, using a wide array of techniques. With a sufficient heat source, the challenge is finding a technique that consistently and evenly roasts the beans. Josh uses a modified bread machine for their coffees. The initial setup was not terribly expensive but as Genevieve reminds us, “the home roaster is a constant game of trial, error, and upkeep!” (On a personal note, I think they have it perfected!)

Coffee grows best along the Equator, so you will find most coffee varieties from countries that fall within that region. Cottage Small tries, each week, to have two continents represented. Some of the countries of origin they roast are Guatemala and Panama in Central America, Colombian and Peru in South America, Tanzania and Ethiopia in Africa, and Papua New Guinea and Bali in Indonesia. There are many, many more, and what they offer depends on what the supplier has in stock, that week. Being a conscientious company, all the coffees are organic, fair trade, and/or grown on a COOP; and all their packaging is recycleable!

Cottage Small used to label their coffees simply as light, medium, and dark roasts. There are many degrees of roasting within each of those broad categories. Now, Cottage Small categorizes their coffees as City (the lightest), City +, Full City, and Full City +, which is the darkest.

Genevieve reminds us that there are many more interesting and important facts about coffee to learn, and the most important factor of coffee is freshness.

“Coffee tastes best within two weeks of roasting. After that, it begins to get stale. Any coffee you buy in the store is roasted months before you get a hold of it. We roast our coffee the week we bring it to the market, so it’s always fresh.”

And I challenge you to try their coffees against your favorite store-bought variety. From the second you push that button on the grinder, your nose will tell you a major difference. As the coffee brews, you'll also be able to smell and see a difference. And of course, the taste sets Cottage Small apart! I tend to use mainly a French Press for my coffee brewing, and drink it black. This is a great way to get all the subtle nuiances of the coffee variety.

Cottage Small Coffee Roasters sell their coffees at the Webb City Farmers Market on the first and third Fridays of the month, during the winter market schedule. You can pick up an 8 ounce bag for $7.50, or two for $13.50. Usually, they also have a pot of one of the varieties brewed, so you can sample for yourself.

This is exclusively the only coffee I will brew and drink! Josh roasts each coffee variety in such a way to exemplify the notable characteristics of each type of coffee bean.

Check them out on Facebook, watch for updates, and give them a “Like” at Cottage Small Coffee Roasters. And it just so happens that this coming Friday is the first Friday of November, so you can find Cottage Small Coffee Roasters at the Webb City Farmer’s Market, at their winter location of The Clubhouse, 115 North Madison, in Webb City. Get out there and grab some local, freshly roasted coffee! And be sure to tell Josh you heard about them from Frank About Food!


  1. I apologize; I posted a bad link for their Facebook page. I will fix it, tonight. Until then, please search for them on Facebook, and give them a Like!

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