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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Frank About... "Right to Farm"

Firstly, I will say that I do NOT "get" politics. I don't do well playing the politics game at work, with acquaintances, nor understanding the politics of society. Secondly, I don't ever discuss politics; I was taught early in life not to discuss politics or religion in most situations. Any political leanings I possess, I typically just keep to myself. 

However, as a blogger, cook, and eater that appreciates locally produced food products, it would be remiss of me not to speak about the proposed "Right to Farm" Missouri Amendment 1, that Missouri citizens will be voting on, this Tuesday, August 5. 

I honestly have not read much detail about this amendment. What I do know of it, involves opening doors for foreign and corporate interests in Missouri farms. Everything about this amendment is suspect; it does not seem to aid any small, independent family farmers. 

Most importantly, how do I know that I should vote against this amendment? 

The very people I trust to feed my family, the people that I go to at least once a week to purchase the food that I prepare, knowing it was raised without chemicals, without genetic modification, in a humane, environmentally responsible manner... the local farmers in my area... all agree that this amendment is wrong, and should be defeated. If I trust them with my family's well-being, why would I not listen to them? 

If you read this blog regularly, I will assume you take a great interest in the food you consume. And I will assume you are concerned about where your food comes from, and how it is produced. 

I will be voting NO on Tuesday, will you join me in protecting local, independent farming in Missouri? 


  1. I will vote YES as a farmer in this great state. I have done my research and know who is trying to get untrue facts out there. The HSUS will feed you full of lies and sadly there are a lot of lies they've put out there to get people to vote no. This is an amendment to what is already in place and it has nothing to do with bringing in foreign entities. The amendment that this is going in with keeps that from happening. Please research this before you totally make up your mind. Read both sides and make an educated opinion is all I ask. I am a Missouri Farmer.

    1. Thanks for taking time to read my post, and thanks for your comments. I appreciate your work as a Missouri farmer. And I appreciate your take on the amendment proposal.


      Unfortunately, the language is so broad and vague in this proposed amendment that there aren't many lies that can be told. I've been reading and researching more on this issue, so that I can make an educated decision. And I am aware of some of the shady dealings from the Humane Society. However, I do see some red flags with all this. One thing that screams loudly at me is the adamant support of this amendement by corporations such as Monsanto, Cargill, and the Hunte Corporation. Obviously Hunte is for the proposal due to their business focusing around large scale dog breeding. They are seeking protection from any groups trying to place restrictions on what volume and condition of their operations. We saw all this come to light when Missouri voted about Proposition B a few years ago. And I personally don't see Monsanto and Cargill really caring that much about small, family farmers. Just look at the legal track record of Monsanto. Speaking of the legal system, it seems this amendment, if passed, would be constantly parked on the courts' dockets, as it needs so much interpretation, and will face so many challenges. Honestly, it doesn't sound like an amendment that needs to be added. Anything it supposedly helps to accomplish, seems like is already in place. I feel strongly that I should vote NO on this.