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Monday, February 9, 2015

Frank About Local Restaurants: Frank About Food featured on KOAM TV 7 with Cailey Dougherty

A few weeks ago I received a message on the Frank About Food Facebook page from Cailey Dougherty, a reporter for KOAM TV 7 and FOX 14. She explained that she had heard about my blog, and wanted to talk to me, on camera, about local restaurants for a special story she was working on. We worked it out, and we met at The Bruncheonette and Joplin Eagle Drive In for the interview. I love to talk about food, and about supporting local business, so I felt it went well. Early last week, I found out from Cailey that it would air on Thursday, February 5th in two parts: one on the 6pm newscast, the other at 10pm.
For the next few days, I was getting comments from people about how they had seen a commercial for the special report. I noticed some increased traffic on here, and the Facebook page. But by the time Thursday rolled around, I had NO IDEA what the story would stir!

Cailey appeared with Tawnya Bach on the KOAM Morning News to discuss the story, and there was even a short preview by Dowe Quick on the 5pm news. When the story aired at 6pm and 10pm, the blog saw over 1,000 views in a very short time, and my Facebook likes increased by 170, plus.
Cailey did a fantastic job on the story! I just had no clue how much it would feature the blog. I truly appreciate her contacting me. It was a bit awkward for the first time I was in public on Friday, at the post office. I was recognized and a small discussion of local eateries erupted. But again, I love talking food, so it wasn't so bad!
Here are the videos of all the segments I just mentioned. Give them a view! Be sure to read the article, below, for the list of my top restaurant picks.

(I attempted to embed the videos, but for some reason they are not all four loading up on most platforms. My apologies. Please click the link to go to each video, though. Thanks!)


Video of Cailey Dougherty on KOAM Morning News Discussing the Story


Video of Dowe Quick's Preview of the Story on the 5pm Newscast


Video of the 6:00 News Segment of Part 1


Video of the 10:00 News Segment of Part 2

For the full text story from the interview, with the complete list of my top picks for Joplin local restaurants, click over to the story on KOAM TV 7's website.

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