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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

JOMORW - End of Summer Edition of the Joplin MO Restaurant Week

It's baaaacckkk!!!

The Joplin Missouri Restaurant Week, also known as JOMORW, has returned, this week! After a successful debut run in January, netting OVER A TON OF FOOD for Crosslines Emergency Food Program, it has returned at a vital time.

All along, organizer Erryn Jones had planned for a second running toward the end of the summer, as school started back. The shelves start getting a bit bare at Crosslines at this time of year. This is another opportunity for community members and local business owners to work in a symbiotic manner to help fill replenish those shelves. In exchange for a non-perishable donation, patrons can take advantage of some manner of special offer at local restaurants, all week. They also get an entry for the chance to win a $20 gift certificate from EVERY participating local restaurant!

What a phenomenal WIN-WIN-WIN! The food pantry gets stocked up that serves our neighbors, local restaurants see an influx of business, local patrons get great deals and a chance to win an amazing grand prize...

One of the most amazing parts of JOMORW is watching all the business owners patronize each others' restaurants! Here is a great picture from Monday, already:

In this photo, used from the JOMORW Facebook page, you see Suzanne Miller (Instant Karma, Midtown Pizza, Eagle Drive In) visiting Tropicana, Sean & Chasity Flanagan (The Bruncheonette) eating at M & M Bistro, and Marsha Pawlus (Wilder's Steakhouse) enjoying the new endless pizza, pasta, and salad bar at Midtown Pizza Kitchen!

I urge you to please click over on this link: JOMORW - Joplin Missouri Restaurant Week to read the post I wrote in January, with some startling statistics on how Crosslines serves the Joplin community. 

This time around, I have tried to obtain the information on the special deals from each participant and list them here. If there are any blanks, and new information comes available, I will update the post.

Big R's:  1/2 price, with purchase, on the new R's Big Dip sandwich

Club 1201:  15% off

Club 609:  15% off

Crabby's Seafood Bar & Grill:  Free Spinach Dip

Del Rio Grill & Cantina and Bordertown Café: Free Small Queso Dip

Eagle Drive In: 2 for 1 Cheeseburger and Fries with 5 or more items donated

Hackett Hot Wings:

Instant Karma:
Monday - 15% off
Tuesday - $1 off pints for each item donated
Wednesday - 2 for 1 Burgers for 2 items donated
Thursday - 2 for 1 Dogs for 2 items donated
Friday - $1 off pints for each item donated from 10pm-11pm
Saturday - 2 for 1 Burgers, Dogs, Pints from 10pm-11pm
Sunday - 2 for 1 Burgers, Dogs, Pints for 6 items donated from 11am-9pm

M & M Bistro:  Free Mediterranean Side Salad

ME's Place Soulfood Kitchen: 
Tuesday - 10% off
Wednesday - Free Drink
Thursday - 10% off
Friday -  Free Dessert
Saturday -

Midtown Pizza Kitchen:  Monday - Friday $5 Endless Pizza, Pasta, Salad Buffet from 11am-3pm

MOJO Burger Co.:

Old Broadway Club:  Free Order of Fried Pickles

Polka Dot Fox Coffee & MicroBakery:  20% off

Red Onion Café:  Free Smoked Chicken Dip

Red Onion Espressoria:  Free Smoked Chicken Dip

The Bruncheonette:  10% off

Tropicana Bar & Grill:  Free Abita Root Beer Float

Turtleheads Raw Bar:
Monday - 2 for 1 Lunch from 11am-3pm
Tuesday - $3 off Blue Point Oysters from 11am-7pm
Wednesday - $3 off Large Gumbo from 11am-3pm
Thursday - 1/2 price Gator Tail or Frog Legs from 11am-6pm
Friday - 2 for 1 Burgers from 11am-3pm
Saturday - 2 for 1 Crawfish Boil from 11am-6pm

Wilder's Steakhouse:  $10 Certificate Good on Next Visit

Woody's Wood-Fire Pizza: Free Dessert

So, there you have it! I think everyone in Joplin needs to try to #EatLocal and #FeedLocal at least one time, this week. Be sure to take your donations along, and get entered for that grand prize!

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