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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

JOMORW End of Summer Edition 2015 Wrap-Up

Representatives from some of the 21 participating restaurants met at Crosslines, on Monday, to drop off
the pantry donations and discuss the success of the second Joplin Missouri Restaurant Week of 2015.
Photo as seen in The Joplin Globe, courtesy of Rikki Smith.

That is how many pounds of food donations were raised, last week during the second addition of the Joplin MO Restaurant Week! That is nearly 2 TONS of food, donated at a very needed time. This number is up over 1000 pounds from the first run of JOMORW. Crosslines will be able to stock their shelves and prepare to serve all the families that are in need, at this time of year.
Representatives from some of the 21 participating local restaurants met on Monday at the Crosslines building to deliver the donations from their locations and to discuss how the week went for their businesses.
A brief side-note: You may notice that I wrote 21, as opposed to the 20 locations you have seen mentioned in JOMORW promotional items and web posts. Polka Dot Fox Coffee and Micro-Bakery were a bit late getting to the party, this year, but were just affective in taking in donations, participating with a great 20% off deal all week, and wanted to really be part of this great opportunity to give back to the Joplin community. They weren't on the posters or mentioned much, but they were there, taking in donations and doing their part. I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion in the numbers that I am reporting.
As I have said before, I believe it was a total win-win-win for all involved. The patrons of all these local businesses should feel very proud of the amount of donations and the impact they have helped create in the community. And a huge thank you for all the great deals that customers got to enjoy, as they helped give back! All but two of the participants had daily deals or a weekly deal. It is just a bit disheartening to see that a couple were not able to come up with some small incentive to offer their customers. Perhaps that is something we'll see amended in the next JOMORW, which should be taking place, again, in January. There may also be room to add a few more local businesses that have interest in this special week, given the success of the past two runs.
Be proud of yourselves, Joplin!

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